“I am very pleased with my experience with Re-Deck. The product is outstanding, and I’ve gotten many compliments. One friend wanted more info, and i sent them to redeckoco.com”

| Dave Egan

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“Thanks so much for your companies excellent job in providing Brookstone at Hoover a quality product and great workmanship for the resurfacing our community in door pool surface. Your team was awesome to say the least with good leadership and direction at all levels.”

| Darrell Shown

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“We were very satisfied with the installation of the flooring surface in our garage and basement area. The ReDeck crew was outstanding with their hard work and dedication in making sure the finished product met our expectations. We were very pleased with the results.”

| Don & Carolyn Mullen

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“Dear Mr. Linkhorn: We are pleased to write a testimonial for your company. We are very satisfied with the refinishing you did on our garage floor. You were professional and neat. We would be happy to recommend your service.”

| Jim And April Curtiss

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“ReDeck resurfaced my front porch, breezeway, and garage floors. The old cracks and irregularities are gone, the new surface is easy to walk or drive on, durable, and looks great! I highly recommend Re-Deck they were courteous, competent, and thorough.”

| Nancy

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“In regards to the job that was done on my garage floor, all I can say is thank you, your workers did a wonderful job, both my wife and I are happy and pleased with it. The sale person was not only informal and educational I learned a lot from him. Thank you for your time and consideration.”

| Mr. & Mrs. John Leony

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