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Rustic Concrete Wood Floors

Rustic Concrete Wood Floors Sykesville, Maryland| New Aged Concrete Coatings, LLCYou spend a lot of time in your living room. Each room in your home has its own function, but none compare to your living room. A well designed living room can be comfortable, inviting, and even fashionable. While many homeowners know how to decorate their living rooms with furniture and fixtures to make it more pleasing, they don’t think as much about the floor. Floors are a key part of your living room, but they’re often neglected by many homeowners. Some see living room floors as purely functional, opting for simple solutions like area rugs or carpeting.

Carpeting is a fine flooring material, but it’s often expensive and will need replaced before you know it. While carpeting may work for some spaces, another flooring system is always an option. Reality is, most homeowners need a flooring material that is strong and long lasting while also being decorative. While some homes have marble or hard wood floors in their living rooms, these floors also come with high end price tags. Natural hard wood floors give any home a classy look, but they have their own drawbacks. Natural hard wood is costly to install, costly to repair, and require more maintenance than other flooring materials. While natural hard wood looks great, it comes with a cost.

Rustic Concrete Wood

New Aged Concrete Coatings is a trained and certified installer of Rustic Concrete Wood, a high quality flooring system that uses stencil tape and concrete stains to bring the look of hard wood without the high installation cost and labor-intensive maintenance. We have a team of professional installers who know exactly how to install a quality Rustic Concrete Wood floor for your living room. Get the look of hardwood floors for a fraction of the cost with Rustic Concrete Wood from New Aged Concrete Coatings. Check out some of our previous work and find what we can do for you.

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