Industrial Concrete Applications

Industrial Concrete Applications

industries-text-TLarge factories, employing hundreds of people, have to be certain that their floors not only meet safety standards, but will maintain maximum durability under the harsh conditions that sometimes arise. A decorative floor coating applied by New Aged Concrete Coatings, LLC can help you meet all the standards, and retain its constancy year after year, with a professionally installed Industrial Concrete floor coating that is sure to please.

industries-text-MNew Aged Concrete Coatings, LLC has applied our decorative coatings in fire stations, warehouses, manufacturing plants, and over 200,000 sq. ft. in one factory, alone. We’ve had nothing but compliments about our industrial floor coatings; especially from municipal fire stations, which have sixty-ton trucks rolling back and forth over our coatings on a daily basis.

industries-text-BDid you know a decorative floor coating not only adds beauty, but durability to your floor? It also adds functionality, in addition to making it safer. Our non-slip additives can be a prudent choice to avoid costly accidents. In fact, laying down a decorative floor coating to any industrial concrete floor is a very smart decision on many levels.